Vim rechargeable wand vibrator by Fun Factory


A wand vibrator for all tastes: Compared to the usual suspects like Magic Wand & Co., Vim also indulges more sensitive bodies, because it can deliver more than just power!

Vim has an industry-first weighted motor that provides pleasantly deep vibrations at any speed that literally get under your skin. Even at the lowest intensity, you can feel how Vim transmits arousal to deeper layers, whether along the inner clitoris or to the prostate. This is made possible by the stimulation of two types of receptors (the Vater-Pacini and Ruffini corpuscles) that respond to this type of vibration and thus intensify the effect of the vibration.

Compared to similar models, it is lighter and up to 50% quieter. Thanks to its structure, the handle is highly non-slip and does not carry the vibration, so your hand won't feel numb.

With its finely adjustable vibration levels, Vim adapts to individual preference. By simply pressing the + or - button, you can choose between 5 speeds and 3 programs. What's new: If the + or - button is held down in one of the 5 speeds, the vibration level varies in the minimum range and becomes slightly more intense or weaker - until the button is released again.

The Vim vibrator is not waterproof, but is easy to clean thanks to its silicone surface. It can simply be cleaned with a damp cloth or some sprayed-on toy cleaner. ATTENTION: Please do not take your Vim into the bath or shower and do not (!) clean it under running water.