Super Soft Ball Stretcher Kit by Tantus

By Tantus

The Super Soft Ball Stretchers are designed to safely and comfortably elongate the scrotum.

The ball stretcher wraps around the scrotum to increase pleasure during partner or solo sex. Stretching the scrotum in this way pulls the testicles away from the body, which can extend the duration and strength of an erection.

As you gain experience and knowledge about how your body responds to this type of sensation, you can choose to stack the stretchers one above the other for even more stretch.

This kit contains two different length stretchers, which give varying amounts of elongation.

Smaller Ball Stretcher

Inner Diameter: 3,8 cm
 / Width: 1,85 cm

Larger Ball Stretcher

Inner Diameter: 3,8 cm / Width: 3,12 cm


MATERIAL 100% silicone

PFLEGE & REINIGUNG warm water & soap