Sundaze by Fun Factory



The Sundaze’s extreme versatility makes this toy an extra special treat! With fifteen varied sensations to choose from, this toy just begs to be played with for hours at a time, while you explore every possible way to make yourself or a lover feel awesome.

With the Sundaze, you can move from zingy to rumbling vibration, to light tapping, to pulsing and stroking motions. Plus, the Sundaze’s thrusting setting is designed to use hands-free!

Great for folx who prefer a lighter touch, but also for power lovers, the range of speeds and settings has something for almost everyone.

As a bonus, you can save your favourite setting, so Sundaze starts with it every time, and if you accidentally turn the toy off during play, just turn it back on within 15 seconds to return to the same setting.

The Sundaze’s simple, elegant shape is also full of possibilities. When used internally, the flat head delivers a broad surface to press and thrust against the G-spot. Used externally, the flat head also makes an amazing massager. And if you want more pinpoint sensations, try using the edges at the tip for particularly intense stimulation. Meanwhile, it’s smooth enough to move up and down effortlessly, no matter how you’re using it.

Some ideas to get you started…

Get rubbed down
Use the broad, flat head for external rubbing (don’t forget the lube!). While vibration is often a favourite go-to for clit stimulation, try using a pulsing or pattern setting for a slower building of pleasurable sensation.

Enjoy it hands-free
When you're using the Sundaze internally, prop it against a pillow to feel the pulse hands-free.

Soak in the tub
A long, hot soak is the perfect lazy Sunday activity—made even better by your waterproof Sundaze.

Rechargeable and waterproof.