Sliquid Spark Silicone

By Sliquid

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Spark is Sliquid’s amazingly slick and ultra-concentrated silicone lubricant formulation but infused with menthol! The added menthol is extra stimulating, and generally goes on cool and warms with friction. Many people also experience a slight tingling sensation.

Super long-lasting and 100% waterproof, it’s the perfect choice for those who want to keep things slippery for the duration, whether on land or water. Spark is also great to use for sensual massage!

Made from pharmaceutical grade silicones, Sliquid Spark will last for hours with only a few drops, and is easy to clean up with simple soap and water (except from some sheets & clothing!).

All Sliquid products are formulated by with body-friendliness in mind. But while menthol can have a soothing effect, it can also be irritating for some people. Remember, lube should make things feel better…. so if it doesn’t, try using a different lube!

Spark is 100% vegan, glycerine- and paraben-free, and safe to use with safer sex barriers, such as condoms and dental dams. However, it’s not recommended to use silicone-based lubes directly on silicone toys.