Ruby Glow Blush


The Ruby Glow has been redesigned to offer you even more paths toward pleasure!

You can still straddle your Ruby Glow Blush in its charging cradle for a compact yet powerful external vulva and perineum massage. Held in place by your pubic bone, the vibrating pads are driven by dual motors delivering deep rumbling stimulation. The higher front end can stimulate the clitoris while the middle hump applies delicious pressure at the vaginal opening as you ride. Strong magnets hold both parts in place while the silicone feet anchor the toy securely to your chair-- or wherever you ride the Blush.

Now, however, you can also choose to use the Ruby Glow Blush as a wand! Simply lift to release the wand from the charging cradle-- which you can still use as a ride on without the base, especially for a hot grinding session in the bath or on very soft furnishings.

Once separated, your Ruby Glow Blush is a powerful, waterproof, easy to hold wand. Use the Blush as an externally stimulating wand, or for pentration. Its tip is curved for delicious G-spot stimulation, and the control buttons on the smaller end are perfectly placed for ease of use.

Each pad has a ten-speed vibration pattern so you can lose yourself as you find your perfect combination in any position. The cheeky anal nodule provides that little extra treat for a truly unique experience.

In addition to it beautiful and innovative design, this toy also comes with a remote control to increase accessibility and the potentials of partner play.

From clitoris to anus and everything between, the Ruby Glow Blush is lightweight and comfortable, with contours designed to hug your erogenous zones during all sorts of play.


MATERIAL 100% Silikon und Hartplastik


FEATURES wiederaufladbar & wasserdicht