Ohnut Buffer Rings

By Ohnut

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The Ohnut is an awesome new product for anyone who experiences pain, discomfort or anxiety with deeper penetration, whether it be during anal, vaginal or oral sex.

Using the Ohnut can give you peace of mind when it comes to managing – and possibly even eliminating – your pain, allowing you to relax and enjoy your sexy fun times.

Worn externally at the base of a penetrating penis or dildo, the Ohnut makes it possible to easily control the depth of penetration, creating a soft buffer during penetrative sex.

Each set comes with 4 linking rings. This means you can add or remove rings to personalize penetration depth, allowing you to find the depth that feels right for you.

Designed with an FDA approved body-safe thermoplastic elastomer that is BPA-, phthalate-, and latex-free. The Ohnut’s soft and squishy texture feels remarkably like skin, making it comfortable for everyone involved. 

Lubrication is essential to the Ohnut experience (do not attempt use without it!).  Since Ohnut is made from an FDA-approved family of polymers, it is compatible with both silicone based and water based lubrication. Oil based lubes are not recommended, including coconut oil, as they can degrade the material and cause your rings to tear. 

The Ohnut's material can be porous under a significant amount of pressure (generally more pressure than the amount applied during partner use), but as a
precautionary measure the manufacturer does not recommend sharing the Ohnut with different partners if there is a potential safety risk.

The Ohnut is very stretchy, and will fit most penises and dildos. It can even help to keep condoms in place. If you’re using a condom, put the condom on first, add some lube on top, then slide the Ohnut over the condom.

The Ohnut can allow for more comfortable penetration with various anal, rectal, or vaginal conditions.

People experience pain with penetration for a whole range of reasons, including:

    • Endometriosis
    • Adenomyosis
    • Pelvic floor dysfunction
    • Interstitial cystitis
    • Fibroids
    • Pelvic inflammation
    • Pelvic floor muscle spasm (vaginismus)
    • Menopause (genitourinary syndrome of menopause, or gsm)
    • Cancer treatments (including chemotherapy and radiation therapy)
    • Chronic pain (vulvodynia)
    • Post-surgical vaginal swelling
    • Postpartum pain / sex post baby
    • Mullerian agenesis

For more info about the Ohnut, check out the manufacturer’s website, check out their ressources and read some reviews!