Model D Sport STP-packer


Model D Sport is designed with comfort and compactness in mind. It has a realistic head and hanging balls, and is compatible with the Slingshot Harness.

The surface has a soft powder finish, designed to help reduce chafing and tacky silicone feel. 

Available in three colours and in an uncut or cut version.

This model has enough balls to be harnessed, but not enough to get in the way or create too big of a bulge.

Model D Sport has a shallower receptacle cup than Model A, which is great for reducing bulk, but also means some flow-control when peeing is needed.

The hollow shaft funnels at the tip, allowing urine to pass easily through, no tubes or extra pieces required.

Handmade in the USA, Number One Laboratory specializes in realistic 100% soft platinum-cured silicone STP packers that are easy to use and comfortable to wear.

Includes instructions on how to easily construct a harness from a store-bought pair of underwear.