Mea Air Pressure Stimulator by Fun Factory


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Unlike other air pressure stimulators, the patented 'Magnetic Wave Technology' inside the MEA promises not only gentle and almost silent stimulation, but also versatile stimulation - even when things get a little more animated, MEA's stays connected for uninterrupted pleasure.

Air pressure stimulators such as MEA work with underpressure, which stimulates the clitoris without touching it. This can reduce overstimulation and the often feared "dulling". MEA offers a completely different kind of stimulation than a classic lay-on vibrator, for example, and thus leads to new, intense orgasms.

Apart from MEA's five intensity levels the three stimulation programs offer a variety of experiences: From gentle to intense, you can let MEA cycle through different rhythms.

A few more practical extras that enhance the pleasure of using MEA:
Thanks to the built-in BOOST function, you can navigate to maximum intensity at the touch of a button and return to where you started just as quickly. Ideal for all those who swear on edging and targeted delay. Once you have reached the peak of pleasure, the COOL DOWN function helps to prolong the intoxicating feeling after orgasm and - the relaxed restart. The MEA AUDIO SUPPORT helps you navigate through the programs: you will hear a discreet beep when switching between settings.

Thanks to its organic shape and gentle curves, MEA sits comfortably and ergonomically in the hand, and the three raised buttons can be controlled intuitively with ease (and closed eyes).

MEA is not only good for you, but also for the environment - it is produced, tested and packaged entirely at Fun Factory in Bremen. Short distances and controlled monitoring throughout the production process ensure the smallest possible CO2 footprint and outstanding quality. What's more, MEA is made entirely from body-friendly materials, such as velvety silicone, and the packaging is 100% recyclable.

  • Super quiet thanks to patented Magnetic Wave Technology
  • The rounded extended opening encloses a variety of shapes and sizes of different clitorises
  • Experience multiple types of stimulation through curated programs
  • With practical BOOST and COOL DOWN function
  • Discreet charging in the high-quality USB toy case
  • Includes: Mea Toy, charging case, charging cable (USB; without adapter), booklet incl. operating instructions & inspiring game ideas
  • Splash-proof