Limba Flex S by Fun Factory


Customise your pleasure! This new posable dildo from Fun Factory lets you bend it to the exact angles you desire, making spot-on stimulation easier and literally at your fingertips!

The firm wire in this dildo’s core keeps it in the shape you choose until you’re ready to bend it another way. So flex it as you see fit - and it will actually stay there!

The Flex S is shaped to make insertion easy and comfortable. The shorter shaft with narrow diameter and tapered tip makes it especially suitable for beginner anal play, or for anyone who prefers a more stout, slimmer dildo.

The shaft of the Flex S has one bending point and is short enough to also allow more sensitive folks the satisfaction of a thrusting motion. And if you’re strapping it on, its customisable shape allows you to easily change positions.

Size: 12 cm, Ø 3 cm

Weight: 111 g