Limba Flex M -10 years ON special edition!- by Fun Factory


Limited edition - only available at Other Nature and while stock lasts!

Omg, how cute are these!?!
We're beyond excited about our very own 10th birthday special edition of the Limba Flex M, that Fun Factory poured specifically for us (and you)!!!

The colour combination we chose consist of two of our favorites in their range: pastel lilac and deep sea blue, for a fresh queer twist on the classic Limba palette. Each piece is totally unique because of the dual-colour pouring process, combining playfully in hypnotic swirls, splashes and gradients.

We’ve been working with FunFactory for 10 years now, and can safely say that their toys are some of the most high quality, innovative, and trusted on the market. Plus, they design, manufacture, and package all their toys in their factory in Bremen, Germany!

Celebrate our anniversary with us and get yours before they sell out!

About Limba Flex:

Customise your pleasure -This posable dildo from Fun Factory lets you bend it to the exact angles you desire, making spot-on stimulation easier and literally at your fingertips!

The firm wire in this dildo’s core keeps it in the shape you choose until you’re ready to bend it another way. So flex it as you see fit - and it will actually stay there!

The Limba M is shaped to make insertion easy and comfortable. The narrow diameter and tapered tip make it especially suitable for beginner anal play, or for anyone who prefers a slimmer dildo.

The shaft of the Flex M can be bend twice and is long enough for a satisfying thrusting motion. The flat base functions as a strong suction cup on flat surfaces - hands-free pleasure made easy! And if you’re strapping it on, its customisable shape allows you to easily change positions as well.