Kulmine Foldable Cloth Pad "Hela"

By Kulmine

MATERIAL 100% organic cotton

PFLEGE & REINIGUNG hand- or machine-wash up to 95°C, hang or tumble dry, iron if desired




This is an extremely versatile pad that's great for medium to heavy flow days and gives optimal protection on all sides. 

The foldable design means that it stays securely in place without any buttons or clips, making it a great choice for cyclist too!

Non-bunching, and extremely comfortable, Kulmine's washable cloth menstrual products are produced of the best eco-quality, organic cotton.

You can also easily adapt your Kulmine pad to increase the absorption level.  For a heavier flow absorption, combine this pad with Kulmine Pantyliner Classic Mini or Midi.

Made by hand in the Teutoburg forest, Germany, Kulmine products are free of irritating or genetically engineered substances and plastics, and are a re-usable, reliable, and hygienic alternative to mainstream menstrual protection.