Large Wax Play Candles from That Gay Creation


These handmade wax candles can also be disguised as stylish decorative objects for your home!

Made in Berlin from high quality vegan coconut wax, they are ideal for wax play thanks to their soft, creamy texture and low burning temperature.

Common unlabeled candles have a varying burning temperature and sometimes get as hot as 180F/82°C. "Wax Play Candles" burn as low as 48F-52°C, making them hot enough to stimulate the senses, but safe enough not to burn the skin.


As it should be with all products for the skin, it is necessary to test beforehand how the skin reacts. Everyone's skin is different and soy allergies do exist. It can not be 100% guaranteed that these candles are for every person.


Melting point: 48 - 52 °C

Approx. dimensions: H: 27 cm B: 3 cm


Coconut, canola and soy wax, kerosene + natural extracts. Perfumed with essential oils.