Funfetti Glass Plug with Aurora Borealis Jewel by Crystal Delights


The difference between anal sex and great anal sex - is your enjoyment. When the lights are lowered and the Funfetti Aurora Borelalis Crystal twinkles, look within while twisting this special glass plug in your fingers to check out the colorful sprinkle orbs.

Feel the coolness of the glass; or if you prefer, warm it in your hands before party time. Watch how each of the delightful colors magnify under any lubricant you apply to the plug, or your body. The tapered tip promises smooth pleasure and extra fun. The short stem and small bulb make it well-suited for beginners as well.

Crystal Delights Glass Toys are all handmade, so every Funfetti Plug is unique in its pattern and there may be small variations in measurements. Each plug is fired in Crystal Delights workshop under strict supervision to exacting design and safety specifications and personally inspected.

The high quality, body safe, tempered (hardened) borosilicate glass makes the plug as durable as it is beautiful. This makes for a friction-free, perfectly smooth, non-porous material that is safe for solo or partnered use. Glass is a natural, eco-friendly material and free of phthalates, toxins or chemicals sometimes found in inferior toys - so it won't cause irritation or sensitivity.

PLEASE NOTE: Because the Funfetti plug is filled with “water beads” they cannot be exposed to freezing cold temperatures. They will expand and the glass will shatter from the pressure. Please do not put this plug in the freezer, but you can cool it in cold water safely.