Fair Squared Max Perform (10 Condoms)


Max Perform condoms have a fine, integrated penis ring at the base of the condom for even more pleasure and better fit. They can discreetly support a longer, stronger erection and the ring also provides additional protection against slippage of the condom.

The rubber that Fair Squared uses for the condoms is produced on plantations that are promoted by Fair Rubber e.V.. Fair Squared pays a Fair Trade markup, which is used exclusively to improve the living and working conditions of the plantation workers and their families.

- extra-thin, transparent & lubricated cylindrically shaped condoms with reservoir
- nominal width: 52 mm
- length: 170 mm
- wall thickness: 0,07 mm
- Vegan Society certified
- FSC® Mix certified carton


MATERIAL natural rubber latex


FEATURES lubricated