Charmer by Tantus

By Tantus

Tantus's Charmer is designed with pronounced ridges up and down its front side to hit all the good spots over and over as it's worked in and out.

Especially good for g-spot stimulation - as the exact location and sensitive areas of the urethral sponge vary somewhat from person to person, it can be nice to have a toy that stimulates a broader area reliably and consistently. With the Charmer, there's no more need for guesswork or target concentration when playing with partners!

The non-phallic shape of this toy's shaft gives it a particular charm for folx who aren’t fans of more realistic-looking silicone dildos.

Safe to use vaginally or anally, and harness compatible.

Made from 100% Ultra-Premium silicone.

Diameter: 3,5cm
Length: 17,2cm