B-Balls Duo by Fun Factory


What make these balls particularly special and different from other toys are their rotating inner weights. Set in motion by your every movement, these non-motorized weights are totally silent and provide a range of sensations from gently massaging to thrillingly ecstatic.

Great for more experienced anal toy users, B-Balls are the latest craze in butt play.

Two balls of graduated sizes joined by a flexible yet stable silicone connector.

With its narrow base, you can wear your B-Balls anytime, anywhere!

They won’t get in the way during vaginal penetration, and they won’t give away your secrets when worn out and about in public.

Size: 13 cm, Ø 3,3 /Ø 3,7 cm


MATERIAL 100% Silikon, ABS Plastik

PFLEGE & REINIGUNG warmes Wasser und Seife

FEATURES Innenbeschwerte rotierende Kugel

BREITE Ø 3,3 /Ø 3,7 cm

LÄNGE 13 cm