B-Ball Uno by Fun Factory


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For a little bounce in your butt...The B Ball Uno has a weighted ball inside that provides a unique rumbling sensation as it bounces and rolls around with your movements.

Plus, it’s great for adding extra spice to a spanking or just for a silent, secret thrill while you go about your day.

Get more from the motions of partner sex, with a plug that gives you powerful feedback with every thrust.

Feeling like you’d rather lie back and enjoy? Press a powerful vibrator against the B Ball Uno’s base, and feel the balls inside respond!

With its slightly tapered tip, the B Ball Uno is shaped for easy insertion. And the narrow and flexible silicone base fits snugly and comfortably between your cheeks and moves with your body, making it great for extended wear too.

Non-porous and easy to clean, this toy is made in Germany using body-safe materials.

Size: 7,3 cm, Ø 1,8-3,2 cm


MATERIAL 100% Silikon, ABS Plastik

PFLEGE & REINIGUNG warmes Wasser und Seife

FEATURES Innenbeschwerte rotierende Kugel

BREITE Ø 1,8-3,2 cm

LÄNGE 7,3 cm