Stronic Surf by Fun Factory


Another pulsating superstar from Fun Factory, the Stronic Surf has earned its place in this famous family, known for their thrusting motion.

The Stronic Surf’s unique shape is designed to hit all your hotspots. With ripples lining both sides of the shaft, the Surf massages the front wall of the vagina, where the g- & a-spot live, as well as the back wall of the vagina, targeting the perineal sponge… but wait… the peri-what now???

The perineal sponge lies inside the body just behind the perineum, in between the bottom of the vaginal opening and the rectum. It’s made up of nerve endings, erectile tissue, and blood vessels, and when stimulated, it fills with blood and can become extra sensitive. The perineal sponge is most commonly stimulated through the back wall of the vagina, the clitoris (as it’s part of the larger clitoral network), or the perineum and anus. During arousal, the perineal sponge becomes engorged, sometimes making the vagina feel especially tight.

OK, anatomy lesson over, which means fun times lay ahead…

Oh yeah, did we mention the hands-free thrusting? The Stronic Surf thrusts back and forth on its own, in ten different settings, from a steady pulse to a wild rhythm. Build your arousal slowly, or head straight for the highest setting.

Plus, the Surf’s pulsating technology is nearly silent. No need to crank up the music or hide under a thick blanket to muffle the noise!

The Stronic Surf has a locking function for convenient transport and an intuitive button interface that’s easy to control.

Waterproof and rechargeable.


MATERIAL 100% Silikon, Hartplastik

PFLEGE & REINIGUNG warmes Wasser und Seife

FEATURES 100% wasserdicht, wiederaufladbar, Reisesperre

BREITE Ø 4,1 cm

LÄNGE 20,5 cm