Join us for an engaging workshop tailored for parents and caregivers of children aged 2 to 11.

We will delve into the crucial topic of sex education, exploring how to broach this subject with your kids and why it is essential. Learn strategies to establish a safe and trusting communication environment with your children, fostering open dialogue on sex ed.

Additionally, we will address the unique challenges of raising kids in a multicultural household, emphasizing diversity and feminist values in upbringing. This workshop offers practical insights and tools to navigate these important conversations and promote a holistic approach to parenting.

Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your parenting skills and create a supportive environment for your children's growth and development.

Karla Wirth is a seasoned pedagogist, sexologist, and artist, boasting over a decade of expertise in child development. With a strong commitment to intersectional feminism and diversity, she views these principles as fundamental for her work. Karla's work is guided by a passion for promoting inclusive and empowering environments for everyone to enjoy a fuller and more satisfying sexuality.

Find out more about her on Instagram @kocktusbykw

Language: English

Location: Mehringdamm 79, 10965 Berlin

Time: 23.07 // 19-21 o'clock

May 30, 2024 — Other Nature