Piercing play, its endorphins and risk assessment. Let ́s learn safely together the basics of recreational non-permanent needle play.

Technique, safety and risk reduction (for ourselves as players and for the environment), aesthetics, joy and potential of needle play. This is a Hands-on workshop.

We will use disposable hypodermic needles, vegetables as preliminary needle dolls, and practice on other humans after individual and collective agreement. We will talk about health risks, patogen propagation, environment, and accidents. The workshop will prioritize safety, still it involves risks, please participate at your own risk only.

CW: needles, possibility of blood, health care related equipment.

Elis Antidote, based in Berlin, tinkers artworks centered in inclusive, solidary, queer, consensual, dissident lifeforms. An teaches shibari and other body-positive methods for consensual bliss since more than a decade, in Berlin and beyond.

Ort: Mehringdamm 79, 10965 Berlin

Zeit: 05.03.2024, 18.30-21.00 Uhr

Sprache: Deutsch oder Englisch, je nach Bedarf

February 06, 2024 — Other Nature