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How To (Hide) Be(hind) You Songs

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Part of the Kolakovsky Press of Canada “How to Be…” series.

Nobody can live a life completely away from songs. Even without hearing them, they are a part of our daily lives. This easy-to-use manual is based on thirty-six years of experience of escaping uncomfortable identity issues using music. If you have to be yourself and you have to live with music, why not be the music yourself?

Chapters include:
The Songs Will Change You
Down The Gear Hole
Testing Your Songs
And much more!

Author Rae Spoon, a true hider of self behind song, takes the reader on a journey of creation and discovery of the time-honoured method of composing music to hide the less desirable parts of one’s self.

Good songs always triumph in the end.

Author:Rae Spoon
Publisher:Kolakovsky Press

€ 8.00