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An exploration of what it means to be fabulous—and why eccentric style, fashion, and creativity are more political than ever.

Prince once told us not to hate him ’cause he’s fabulous. But what does it mean to be fabulous? Is fabulous style only about labels, narcissism, and selfies—looking good and feeling gorgeous? Or can acts of fabulousness be political gestures, too? What are the risks of fabulousness? And in what ways is fabulous style a defiant response to the struggles of living while marginalized? madison moore answers these questions in a timely and fascinating book that explores how queer, brown, and other marginalized outsiders use ideas, style, and creativity in everyday life.

Moving from catwalks and nightclubs to the street, moore dialogues with a range of fabulous and creative powerhouses, including DJ Vjuan Allure, voguing superstar Lasseindra Ninja, fashion designer Patricia Field, performance artist Alok Vaid-Menon, and a wide range of other aesthetic rebels from the worlds of art, fashion, and nightlife.

In a riveting synthesis of autobiography, cultural analysis, and ethnography, moore positions fabulousness as a form of cultural criticism that allows those who perform it to thrive in a world where they are not supposed to exist.

madison moore, PhD, is a cultural critic, DJ, and creative director whose writing has appeared in Theater, Journal of Popular MusicStudies, Dancecult: Journal of Electronic DanceMusic Culture, Aperture, Thought Catalog, Out,Splice Today, and Inteview. Born in Ferguson, Missouri, madison currently lives in London and Berlin.

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Features:Hardcover, 21 colour (insert) + 7 b/w (in text) illustrations

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