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Bend Over Issue 8

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Bend Over Magazine is a Berlin-based publication featuring provocative and positive representations of contemporary queer imaginations, actions, and energy.

ISSUE 8, Spring/Summer 2014 ...the 8th & FINAL issue of "Bend Over Magazine".

"Six years ago I started a party called "Bend Over", a party for people to feel sexually free in a feminist surrounding. A year later I founded a magazine with the same focus - feminism and sexuality. It started out as a small zine with only 200 copies, but it grew rapidly within just a few months. I was amazed by the tremendous feedback from readers and bookstores from all over the world.

In your hands you are holding the eighth and final issue of Bend Over Magazine. Besides everybody ever involved with this project, I especially want to thank Sadie Lune and Goodyn Green for their advice, inspiration and support over the past five years.


Ena Lind - Editor and Publisher"

***Note: Bend Over is out of print, making these the last we will ever have in stock! In other words, they are collector's items, baby! ***

Editor(s):Ena Lind
When:Spring/Summer 2014
Includes:a free art Postcard

€ 6.00