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Bend Over Issue 5

Manufacturer: Bend Over Magazine

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Bend Over Magazine is a Berlin-based publication featuring provocative and positive representations of contemporary queer imaginations, actions, and energy.

ISSUE 5, Fall/Winter 2010

"In this issue, along with our usual array of interviews and art, we have a new feature: Menstrual Blood, a compendium of tactics.

We asked friends and lovers from a variety of countries about their experiences and strategies around periods, and their reports are intimate, educations, and all over the map. Just like Bend Over. Enjoy."

Photography by Goodyn Green

Includes Postcard

***Note: Bend Over is out of print, making these the last we will ever have in stock! In other words, they are collector's items, baby! ***

Made in:Berlin
Editor(s):Ena Lind
Photographer(s):Goodyn Green

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