Who we are

We’re a feminist, queer, sex-positive, eco-friendly, vegan sex shop!

Want to know what we mean by all those potentially loaded words?  Keep reading …



We think it’s important to have, and advocate for, a level playing field for all genders in all areas of life, and hope that you’ll join us in the fight – whether you call yourself a feminist or not.

Other Nature provides alternatives to the sexist rubbish often found in mainstream sex shops, much of which reinforces sexist stereotypes, traditional gender roles, and dominant power hierarchies – from misogynist product packaging to male-focused, heterosexist – and mostly just plain sexist – porn.

We offer products and workshops which promote empowered female sexuality, gender and sexual diversity, reproductive choice, consent and sexual agency, and other feminist ideals about sex and sexuality.

We also recognize that sexism intersects with other forms of discrimination and prejudice, such as racism, classism, transphobia, homophobia, and ableism, all of which need to be addressed and unpacked in our fight against patriarchal injustice.


Like most labels, ‘Queer’ means different things for different people. It can be a personal way of understanding and/or communicating our sexual preferences. It can be a political statement which breaks down binary ways of thinking. It can be lots of other things too.

For us, being queer involves questioning prevailing norms, and celebrating the possibility each of us has to understand, express, and create our own meaning in a world which constantly tries to tell us how to be, and too often punishes us for being who we are.


We believe that being sex-positive is about respecting everyone’s right to make their own choices regarding their sexuality and sexual practices.

Other Nature provides a space for open and honest discussion about ourselves as sexual beings — our feelings about our bodies, our desires and fantasies, issues around consent, our relationships, and the vast spectrum of possible sexual practices available for us to choose from.

For those who’ve had less-than-positive sexual experiences, we’re also a supportive place in which to navigate negative feelings about sex, and to access survivor-specific resources.

We strive to consciously destabilize and resist negative beliefs that sex is shameful or bad. And we hope that the inclusive, informative, and cozy atmosphere we provide will encourage others to do the same.


Ever wonder why your dildo smells like a new shower curtain? Or why your butt plug has started to disintegrate? The simple answer is that sex toys are often made using toxic and porous materials which are potentially hazardous to your health. Hot? … NOT.

We’re committed to doing our part to make the world more sustainably sexy.  At Other Nature, you’ll find a wide variety of high-quality products that are made using body- and environmentally-friendly materials.

For us, being sustainably sexy means:

  • We actively seek out products made by companies which share our commitment to environmental- and body- friendliness.
  • Our products are mostly vegan.
  • We sell a wide selection of locally-made products, many of which are manufactured here in Berlin or elsewhere in Germany.
  • We acknowledge that there’s still a long way to go to make the sex toy industry greener, and we will keep on trying to do it better.

If you’re a local crafter or artist and would like to sell your stuff at Other Nature, please email us or pop into the shop for a visit.


At Other Nature, you’ll find almost exclusively vegan products. To be honest, it wasn’t our initial intention to open a vegan sex shop. But the choice made a lot of sense given our extreme pickiness about product selection combined with our desire to create a sex shop that had care and compassion as its foundation.

Most sex shops carry certain items which are traditionally derived from animals.  For example: leather strap-ons, as well as leather cuffs, floggers, and other BDSM gear.  Leather items are the most obvious non-vegan products.  But condoms and some lubricants are also not vegan.

At Other Nature, we offer alternatives to these animal-derived ingredients.  Our strap-ons and kink gear are made using mostly imitation leather, nylon, or rubber.  Many of our floggers are made by local crafters using recycled bicycle tubes and other found objects.  We also offer a wide range of vegan latex and non-latex condoms, gloves, and dental dams, and vegan lubricants.

We’re very happy to provide a wide range of sexy animal-friendly alternatives for vegans, vegetarians, and all people (vegan or not!) who are looking for ethically-made, high quality products.