FAQ – On Other Nature

What exactly is an ‘alternative’ sex shop?

Our idea of an alternative sex shop is a space that feels comfortable; a space where you can come in and ask questions, or just look around, without feeling embarrassed or pressured to buy something.  The space itself is full of light and has an easygoing living-room atmosphere.  There’s always tea, and often also homemade vegan treats for you to snack on while you browse the shop or hang out in our reading room.  We identify as a feminist, queer, sex-positive, eco-friendly, and vegan sex shop.  Quite the mouthful, we know! … and YUM!  If you want to know what we mean by these terms, read more at Who we are.


Would you rather be located on a busier part of the street?

We actually think that where we are is the perfect location for a sex shop like ours.  We’re steps away from the busier parts of Mehringdamm and Bergmannstr, and very accessible by public transportation.  It’s true that we’re a bit hard to see from the street, but it’s also great being set back from traffic, and under the cover of some trees and nature.  Our location offers our customers a degree of privacy that can be really nice when shopping for sex stuff, while still being easy to get to and close to other cool places.