FAQ – On Kegel balls

I want to strengthen my pelvic floor muscles. Can you tell me about the Kegel balls?

We’ve written a whole section about this exact thing!  Go to our page on kegel balls and the pelvic floor.

Do I have to actively squeeze my muscles around the Kegel balls to improve muscle tone, or is it enough just to wear them?

Pelvic floor exercises are like any other form of muscle-building exercise: you have to work at it in order to see any noticeable change.  If you’re using very small, heavy balls, they will probably fall out if you don’t hold them in by squeezing your muscles.  If you’re using larger balls (recommended for beginners or for wearing for longer periods of time), you may not have to actively squeeze to keep them in.  But if you don’t give them a few good squeezes now and again, they’re unlikely to do any real toning.  The good news is that most Kegel balls have metal balls rolling around inside their outer casings, which can both be a pleasurable sensation and also a good reminder to get exercising (if stronger orgasms and preventing incontinence isn’t already a strong enough incentive!)