Jelly toys usually aren’t very high quality, they’re very porous, and, in short, they kinda gross us out!

Jelly (also called jelly-rubber, jelly-silicone, jelly-vinyl) and Cyberskin (a realistic-feeling material made from PVC and other unspecified materials) can be particularly harmful to our health and environment. Because they absorb bacteria, it is impossible to keep them fully clean. Also, a lot of jelly and Cyberskin toys are still made using phthalates, which act as chemical softeners and are currently being phased out of many products in Europe and North America. Furthermore, the manufacturing processes of these porous materials releases large amounts of toxins into the air, and the products themselves continue to off-gas potentially dangerous chemicals forever.


If you’re going to use jelly sex toys, there are a few things to remember:

  • You should always use a condom on your porous toys to prevent them from absorbing bacteria (this is especially important if you’re sharing toys.)
  • You can use a toy-cleaner to clean your porous toys. Toy-cleaners normally contain harsh chemicals that effectively kill bacteria. But keep in mind that a porous toy will also absorb some of the toy-cleaner. So rinse it thoroughly!
  • Don’t store two or more jelly toys together, as they will stick, creating a (potentially very cool-looking, but unusable!) mutant toy.
  • Never use oil-based lubes with jelly toys. And don’t use oil- or silicone-based lubes with Cyberskin.