The Siri is a rechargeable external vibrator made by Swedish manufacturer Lelo.  I also have a Gigi, so this is my second Lelo toy.

Like Gigi, Siri has a very powerful motor, which can make me come very quickly.  The vibration programs are useful when I want to take my time. The slow pulsing and the wave programs are my favourite.

The vibration settings of both the Gigi and Siri are the same, so I didn’t really need the Siri since I can use Gigi as a clitoral vibrator too.  But I wanted a toy that is easy to carry around with me, travel with, and that would fit in the palm of my hand when I used it.  And the Siri is close to perfect for these things.  I also find smaller vibrators less intimidating to bring out with partners.  And I like that the power controls of the Siri are on the top/backside of the toy where my fingers can easily find them.

My only criticism is that the Siri isn’t waterproof.  It’s still easy to wash, but I can’t take it into the shower.  Also, I like that it’s rechargeable, because it means I never need to worry about batteries, but it would be great if it had a locking function for travelling.  I’ve never had it turn on unexpectedly, but you never know what might happen…

- review submitted by Anonymous