Kinky Vegan

Based in Dresden, Kinky Vegan designs and manufactures their kinky line of vegan products using high quality, sturdy, easy-to-care-for materials.  Kinky Vegan’s mission to provide affordable vegan alternatives to leather sex toys, is strengthened by their genuine belief that animals deserve to be treated humanely, and that we as humans shouldn’t exploit and be cruel to non-humans (or other humans for that matter) just because we can.


Hathor Aphrodisia

Founded in 1989 in Vancouver, Canada, Hathor Aphrodisia is owned and operated by Mellta Swift and Nathanda Swift.  These two highly skilled (and super nice!) skin experts were concerned about parabens and harsh chemicals in body-care products long before the “green revolution” hit the market place. Since their beginnings, Hathor has supported organic farming and sustainable agriculture by importing organic and wild crafted essential oils from small farms around the world. Above all, Hathor stands for quality. They do it right, so that we can too!!



Vixen, a small San Francisco-based company, unabashedly wants to get into your pants – and they know exactly how to do it!  Vixen has produced premium silicone sex toys since 1992, when the sex toy industry was much different.  Unlike most sex toy manufacturers at the time, Vixen used (and still does) only non-toxic, pthalate-free silicone. Specializing is more realistic-looking cocks, they combine top-quality craftsmanship with creative designs for bodies of all different shapes and sizes.  Their patented, dual-density, realistic-feeling Vixskin, is a testament to their innovation.  They also offer an unbeatable lifetime guarantee on most of their silicone toys.  Unlike our actual bits, these toys are made to last … and last … and last.



SpareParts HardWear is a US-based company which specializes in creating harnesses that are both sexy and stylish, comfortable and versatile.  After years of research, development and testing, they officially launched their first and signature product in 2005 – The Joque Harness, followed by the Pearl Theo.  SpareParts is continuously designing and developing new products, handcrafted using high quality materials.  And they’re vegan too!


Happy Valley

Located in the happiest valley in Canada – specifically, on a small farm outside Peterborough, Ontario – Happy Valley is one of the most environmentally-friendly sex toy makers out there.  With their aim “to put smiles on people’s faces,”  they create thoughtfully-designed, high-quality toys in the best silicone possible.  They’re committed to reducing their carbon footprint by using sustainable, renewable and carbon neutral forms of energy and 100% post-consumer recycled paper and card. They also plant a wide variety of native trees, fruits and berries for their environmental stewardship scheme.  And if all that weren’t enough, they strongly advocate saving water by showering with a friend!



Playstixx was founded in the early 1990s by the talented sculptor, turned dildo artist, Stefanie Dörr.   And right here in Berlin is where the magic happens!  All Playstixx creations are handmade from hypoallergenic premium silicone, in keeping with the highest standards of quality and environmental sustainability … and, of course, love!  Integral to the Playstixx philosophy is a sex-positive and holistic approach to sexual exploration.  These toys are designed with pleasure in mind, as well as an acceptance and appreciation of our own bodies and those of others.


Anton Blume Whips

Anton Blume Whips was founded in Berlin in 2010 by non other than artist Anton Blume. Her handcrafted, animal-free whips are made entirely of recycled materials, including vulcanized rubber from used bicycle tubes.  Some are sexy, some are funny, all are unique.


Fun Factory

Founded in 1996 by two fresh university graduates who recognized a gap in the market of erotic toys, Fun Factory has since earned its reputation for toys which combine style, quality, affordability and functionality, but which are most of all fun!  With its headquarters in Bremen, Fun Factory is now Europe’s largest manufacturer of silicone sex toys.  Known for its high standards and carefully regulated quality, nearly every aspect of development, production and management of the company takes place in Bremen.


Wet for Her

Wet For Her was founded in Paris, France in June of 2009. As a Paris native, CEO Alice Derock noticed shortsightedness within the adult novelty industry for non-phallic items specifically geared towards the queer female community. While there was no shortage of pleasure products available for women, Alice began designing a line of high-quality toys catering to a specific niche of sexualities. Shortly thereafter, Wet For Her was born and is now most commonly associated with the acclaim of its signature product, Toy TWO. In January of 2012, Wet For Her was awarded XBIZ New Pleasure Products Company of the Year, and continues to carve a path for new avenues of sensual stimulation.


BS is Nice

BS is Nice, is a woman owned and operated company based in Madrid.  Crafted by experienced and thoughtful product designers, these handmade silicone toys are exceptionally stylish, super functional, and just plain awesome. We also really like this company’s sex-positive, environmentally-conscious approach to all aspects of their production.



Founded in 1997, Tantus was – and still is – one of the pioneering voices against the use of pthalates in sex toys.  From its beginnings, Tantus’s mission was to make the highest quality silicone toys increasingly visible and accessible in an industry dominated by cheap and potentially hazardous products.  Now the largest producer of silicone sex toys in America, Tantus continues to prioritize its personal connection with customers and its dedication to education and quality.



Launched in 2003, this Swedish company has helped transform the way people look at sex toys.  With its focus on elegance, clean lines, user-friendliness, and functionality, Lelo has become famous for its quality luxury vibrators.  And for those of us who aren’t necessarily luxury buyers, Lelo has created PicoBong – a new brand of more affordable toys with the same great quality and feel.


4 Angry Dykes

This hand-crafted, totally vegan gear is made by one dyke who likes toys and working with their hands.  Made for angry dykes everywhere, whether stocking up on toys for the revolution or simply for the fun of it, these harnesses, cuffs, and collars are stylish and sexy as f*ck.  So why are these dykes so darn angry?   Well, some had to wait until their birthday to get their first harness, others can’t afford the high price tag of most harnesses on the market, while others are pissed off that they can’t get hold of a decent vegan strap-on.  But 4 Angry Dykes isn’t exclusively for angry dykes either, but rather for anyone who prefers getting toys from people and not factories.



Founded in 2011 by kinky masterminds Emma and Thomas, Goodkink is an independent manufacturer of ethical BDSM gear and strap-ons, based in Sweden.  Fed up with the low-grade, non-leather BDSM products on the market, they decided to take matters into their own hands and began making high quality, totally vegan stuff for hot, fun, inspired sex.  With an impressive range of products made from the best materials available, as well as a sex-positive approach, Goodkink is committed to making the world a better place to live one ball gag at a time.



Bikesexual is a D.I.Y., vegan trashdesign project, that uses recycled bicycle parts to make unique and inexpensive sex toys.   In addition to being better for the pocket book and the environment, these handmade designs are created using as little energy as possible and only the simplest techniques and tools available.  In an effort to share knowledge and skills, Bikesexual also offers workshops on how to upcycle materials and minimize the crazy cycle of consumption and waste that we’re all inevitably involved in.


Aslan Leather

Aslan was founded in 1992 by Carrie Gray, after experiencing first-hand the need for high quality strap on sex toys and BDSM gear made to fit women’s bodies.  Over the years, Aslan has led the way in dildo harness design and has produced innovative BDSM toys that have made Aslan a favourite for all genders and sexualities.  Although Aslan produces leather BDSM gear and strap-ons, they also offer an ever-growing range of vegan products, made of the highest quality materials available.  Their rubber is of the strongest grade and their vinyl is premium.  Their strict attention to detail and uncompromising approach is evident in every piece they produce, which is why all Aslan products come with a lifetime guarantee.



Lunapads International is a women-owned and operated company based in Vancouver, Canada. Lunapads is the creative brainchild of Madeleine Shaw, who in 1993 found a way to combine her passion for design, sustainability, and – of course – periods.  Through the body-positive and environmentally sustainable message at the heart of these washable cloth menstrual products, Lunapads aims to help people have healthier and more positive experiences of their menstrual cycles, their bodies in general, and the earth.


Glyde Health

Founded in 2009, Glyde Health makes safer sex supplies with a conscience. Not only is Glyde the only brand of condom and dental dam that’s certified by the Vegan Society, they also support various human-, animal-, and environmental- rights projects and NGOs through the sale of their products. On the manufacturing end, they work with environment-friendly and sustainable Fair Trade partners, providing fair working conditions and payment for their workers. Their condoms and dams are made of natural latex taken from rubber trees grown on sustainably-managed renewable plantations in Malasia, and are free of added chemicals. In other words, not only do they make sex safer, but also vegan and organic.



Friends Susi Lennox and Sarah Brooks started The Yes Yes Company in 2003 following years of researching and developing lubricants that would be non-irritating to the skin, highly effective, and have no side effects. Having worked in the Drug Safety divisions of major pharmaceutical companies, they were very aware of the health risks associated with certain synthetic, chemical ingredients. That’s why they set out to make the purest products possible, free from any hidden synthetic chemicals and known mucosal irritants, containing only natural ingredients, and Certified Organic by the Soil Association.



Founded in 1933 by Elise Ottesen-Jensen, RFSU (the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education) started as an advocacy organization campaigning for the right to safe and accessible abortions and contraception, sex education in schools, the decriminalisation of homosexuality and other important human rights issues. They began selling condoms as part of their fundraising strategy. Over 75 years later, RFSU continues its campaign for education, justice and change, and is the leading organization in Sweden in the field of sexual and reproductive health and rights. RFSU Inc. tests, packs, markets and sells a range of condoms that are free from Casein, animal glycerin, and any other animal ingredients. All products are of the highest quality and tested in RFSU’s own accredited lab. The surplus of this company goes to the RFSU’s various non-profit research and educational programmes.


Diva Cup

Founded in 2001 by mother-daughter team, Francine and Carinne Chambers, Diva Internatinal is an award-winning company dedicated to encouraging more positive period experiences through healthy and sustainable alternative menstrual care products. After 20 years promoting and developing menstrual cups, Francine and Carinne created the Diva Cup, a 100% medical-grade silicone menstrual cup that empowers people to connect with their bodies while rejecting corporate control over women’s bodies.



Njoy makes sex toys from medical-grade stainless steel. With safety and pleasure at the top of their priorities list, they won’t compromise on quality, which is why they only use the best materials available.



Natracare is an award winning, ethical company committed to offering organic and natural products for personal health/menstrual care that leave a soft footprint on the earth out of respect for future generations. They only use materials that meet the highest organic, environmental and biodegradable standards, sourced from raw material producers that manage and monitor resources respectfully and sustainably.



Founded in 1994, JoyDivision is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of sex toys and other erotic products. Most of their products are manufactured in Germany, and they invented the first ever 100% organic lubricant (Bioglide.) They are committed to quality and safety, and also affordable prices.



Canadians, Bruce and Melody Murison, founded Standard Innovation Corporation with the idea to design a high quality, eco-friendly sex toy that couples could use easily together. After lots of research, they developed the We-Vibe, a C-shaped, silicone-encased, rechargeable vibrator that slides in between two people whilst having sex. Deeply concerned about health and environmental issues posed by unsustainable manufacturing and business practices, the folks at Standard Innovation Corporation have ensured that they exceed the strictest product laws in the world, including the European Union’s WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) directive that addresses the problem of toxic e-waste through collection, recycling and recovery programs for electrical goods. They also reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible by investing in carbon credit programs.