At Other Nature, we carefully select only high-quality products, while keeping in mind different budget limitations.

Our product range is always expanding, so keep an eye out for our hot new arrivals.  Visit our shop/online shop to browse through our collection of sex toys, bdsm gear, lube, safer sex supplies, massage oils, kegel balls, alternative menstrual products, books, zines, and other awesome stuff.


A short note on sex toys:

When it comes to sex toys, the wide range to choose from can be overwhelming. But this variety can also inspire curiosity and creativity; with so many styles, shapes, speeds, colours, textures, and sizes to choose from, there’s way more chance of finding the sex toy you’ve been waiting for all your life….. or at least a damn good one-night stand!

Experimenting with toys can also help us become more aware of our bodies and desires. And knowing what we like and don’t like can ultimately make playing more pleasurable – whether alone or with a partner/s.

Some toys can also come in handy for people with physical issues (such as slow/short fingers or limited mobility) which make certain types of activity more difficult.

If you need some help deciding, check out our tips on ‘How to choose your toy.’.

You can see most of our products in our online shop, but it’s worth coming in to our actual store if you can – you’ll find lots more books, zines, postcards and other cool stuff…. and always tea! (and sometimes vegan cake!!)

If you have any questions or would like to order something which we don’t have in stock, just drop us a line. .


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