Eternal Swan

The Eternal Swan is a vibrating double dildo, with a range of speeds and two independently controlled motors.  This means that both partners can choose their own setting, or if one person wants vibration and the other doesn't - it's no problemo!  For those who like to travel with their toys, the Eternal Swan has a convenient locking feature.  This double dildo is also great for people looking for a relatively small sized toy at both ends.  And while it's designed to be worn without a harness, you can also try strapping it on to make it easier to hold in.  Made of 100% silky-feeling silicone, the Eternal Swan is waterproof and has a run time of up to 7 hours when charged fully.  Charger included.

Waterproof, Rechargeable

Size: 16,8 x 11,5 x 4cm

Material: 100% Silicone

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Price: 129,90€

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