Ride-On is Vixen's infamous hollow extender sleeve, designed to fit over the penis.

Created as an alternative to the hard, toxic and unsightly models on the market today, Ride-On can be used by people with erectile dysfunction (ED) or for those who want added girth and length. With the Ride-on, you can also keep pleasuring your partner between erections.

Made using Vixen's ultra supple platinum silicone, it's slightly softer than Vixen's regular dual density VixSkin. The stretchy band that surrounds the testicles is comfortable and stable.

Secure the Ride-On with or without an erection.

Quick Guide :

1. Roll the sleeve one third of the way down.
2. Apply lubricant to the inside of the Ride-On and your penis.
3.  Squeeze out the air.
4. Place your penis into the opening and gradually release the pressure.
5. Unroll the Ride On to the base.
6. Pull the scrotum through the hole.
7. Pull the securing band to one side and push through one testicle.
8. Repeat with the other.
9. Have fun!

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