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Condoms that combine social consciousness and seriously cool design.  Safer sex has never been this sexy!

Fierce opponents of greenwashing, Einhorn is a new, Berlin-based company with a strong focus on transparency.  They are open and honest about how far the condom manufacturing industry has to go when it comes to truly fair and sustainable practices.

From improving working conditions on rubber plantations to setting stricter environmental targets such as the use of alternative fertilizers and minimizing their CO2 footprint, Einhorn has a clear direction for making the world a better place one condom at a time.  Plus, 50% of their profits are invested in social and sustainability projects.

The condoms themselves are made of vegan latex and have a nominal width of 54mm.  They are bell-shaped with a reservoir tip, giving the head of the penis extra space for a more comfortable fit.

Einhorn condoms come individually wrapped and cleverly packaged in inconspicuous little bags (they look like small chip bags!) .  No one will be the wiser, as you ruffle through your rucksack looking for your wallet or a pen!  And for that extra special touch, each little bag has been beautifully designed by a local artist.

Check out all the incredible designs!

Read more about Einhorn's fairstainable journey. 

Eine Tüte enthält:
* 14 Gramm Kondome (7 Stück)
* Einzeln verpackt
* 1 Gebrauchsanleitung
* Gleitgelbeschichtung (Silicon Base)
* Haltbar bis 4/2020
* 54mm Nominale Breite (Standard Größe)
* 100% Elektronisch getestet
* Naturfarben
* Glockenförmig (etwas geräumiger um die Eichel), mit Reservoir
* 100% Naturkautschuklatex aus Malaysia
* Gezapft in Malaysia
* Designed in Berlin with love
* alle Angaben auch auf der

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