Made of unique "soft touch" silicone that feels amazing, Minamo has a wavy design that hugs the body's curves while delivering a soft undulating sensation to your erogenous zones.

Its narrow shape, combined with its soft, smooth surface and tapered tip, makes Minamo especially nice for those who experience discomfort with vaginal penetration.

Some might say that Minamo is the perfect companion. It is equally happy to just lounge and relax, or to venture out and explore new territory… It's long enough and curved just right to lay across the vulva, from the perineum to the top of the clitoral hood, providing excellent coverage and stimulation of all your most sensitive bits.  It's also narrow enough to wedge comfortably into secret folds and hidden crevices, letting you discover all the pleasurable places on your own or your lover's body. And used for vaginal penetration, its smooth ergonomic contours glide effortlessly.

Rechargeable and waterproof.

Size: 17,1 x 3,8 x 2,5 cm
Material: 100% silicone

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Price: 94,90€

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