Eva by DAME

Designed by smart women, this is one smart sex toy.  Different from any other toy out there, Eva is brilliant in its simplicity.  Designed to give hands-free clit stimulation, Eva's unique flexible arms keep the body of the vibrator in place by comfortably tucking under the wearer's labia.

Eva can be worn during all types of sex play, whether alone or with a partner.  It's great for using during penetrative sex or when your hands are busy stimulating other bits!  In more adventurous positions, you may need the help of a single finger to hold Eva in place.

Eva is a one-size-fits-many product, and experiences my vary depending on body shape.  If you feel like sex toys take away from the moment, Eva may be an especially good choice, since it's small size and wearable design make it subtle and non-intrusive.

The perfect little sex accessory (or sexccessory, if you will!)

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