Luna Beads Noir

Luna Beads Noir perfectly combine sensual pleasure, functionality, and aesthetic beauty.  Two beads weighing 34 grams each rotate inside their sleek ABS plastic casing and silicone harness.  These inner balls respond to your movements with subtle, non-mechanical vibrations that create discreet sensations while simultaneously exercising the pelvic floor.  The rotation of the beads can cause arousing stimulation during non-penetrative sex play, or simply when worn during everyday activities.  And even if you don't find these beautiful beads especially mind-blowing to wear, the benefits of having toned pelvic floor muscles include enhanced pleasure during orgasm.   So there's that!  29,90

Material: ABS plastic, 100% silicone
Size: 7,5cm (total length) x 3cm (bead diameter)

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