IntiMate Kegel Set

Stylish, discreet, and effective, this pelvic floor training set tones the vaginal muscles with the added bonus of improving orgasmic response.

Made from premium, body-safe materials, these kegel balls are easy to insert, quiet during use, and are anatomically designed to stay securely in place.

Start with the lighter single ball and progress to the heavier double ball for ultimate toning.

And if you're not too sure what all this Pelvic Floor and Kegel talk is about, check out our info section!

single ball: 40g
double ball: 70g

single ball: 4 x 3,4 x 3,4 cm
double ball: 7,1 x 2,7 x 2,7 cm

100% silicone, TPE, hard plastic

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Price: 29,90€

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