Ami Set

Ami is JeJoue´s progressive, three step pelvic floor exercise set and sex toy. Ami 1 is a large, soft, relatively light single ball with a pull cord. When your muscles can comfortably hold Ami 1 in, it´s time to progress to Ami 2, a medium, slightly heavier two-ball set. Finally, when you´re all toned up, Ami 3 is a small, hard, heavy double ball set. All three Amis can be worn in daily life, to tone the pelvic floor, and can also be used as sex toys as their curves make them excellent G-spot stimulators.

Ami 1: 3,6 x 3,6cm / Ami 2: 8 x 3,2cm / Ami 3: 7 x 2,8cm

Material: 100% silicone and hard plastic


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