Glass Spiral Curve

Warning: the Spiral Curve may send your head spinning and your body convulsing ... in a good way!  Heed the warning, and ride at the risk of extreme pleasure.  This dildo is better than any rollercoaster we've ever tried, with its continuous spirals encircling the shaft and providing smooth ridges for added sensation. The textured surface combined with the firm curved tip allow for optimal G-spot / P-spot stimulation.  As with all Other Nature's glass toys, the Spiral Curve is made of high quality, non-porous, shatterproof glass, which can be easily sterilized and is dishwasher-safe.  Weighs 0,31kg.

Size: 15,2 cm x 3,8 cm x 5,7 cm in base

Material: shatterproof glass

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Price: 42,00€

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