Workshop – Degendering the Queer Bed

with Albert and Frede

Dildos, strap-ons, butt plugs – sex toys can be used to experiment in sexual encounters. But do sex toys necessarily belong to queer sex? How can we, as non-cis folks, be empowered through our sexual experiences?

In our workshop we’ll talk about sex, norms and the possibility of making genderqueer sex even queerer. Together we want to reject genital simplifications and try to find possibilities to see genitalia and other body parts differently. We want you all to claim your sexual imaginary and desires far from cishet culture.

We’ll do that with lots of creativity and honest discussion! We want to create a cozy safe space for trans*/inter*/non-binary/gender non-conforming and questioning folks. Let’s re-write what we want sex to be for us!

Frede and Albert are both white, one of them is a migrant and one has a migrant background. They define themselves as (gender)queer: one as a non-binary, trans and transfemme, the other as neither* nor trans*. They are based between Berlin and Barcelona and have given several workshops for non-cis folks around Germany.

They will create an open space for people to talk about different topics. If you have any wishes or questions, please let them know and they will try to integrate them:

Where: Other Nature, Mehringdamm 79
When: Tuesday, December 12th, 18:30 – 21:30
Language: English
Cost: 25€ (20€ limited income) *Please note: Due to our onlineshop system functionality, you'll be charged a 5€ shipping fee on your workshop order. We've discounted the workshop price online to make up for this extra charge. If you have questions, please email us at

Please arrive 10 minutes before the workshop start time.

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