STP – Model A

Handmade in the USA, Number One Laboratory specializes in realistic 100% soft platinum-cured silicone STP packers.  These STPs are easy to use and comfortable to wear.
Model A is the sturdiest STP from Number One Laboratory.

Because it's a bit bigger with a larger receptacle cup,  the Model A is extremely user-friendly.  With its generous space to pee into, no flow-control is needed.

This STP fits best in pants with a longer zipper, and is compatible with the Slingshot Harness.  It also includes instructions on how to easily construct a harness from a store-bought pair of underwear.

The Model A's outer silicone 'skin' has a clean, matte texture that is soft to the touch.  And its powder-soft finish is designed to help reduce chafing and remove any tacky silicone feel.

The Model A is available in an uncut, or cut option.

Available in three colours: light, medium, dark.

Material: 100% silicone
Size: 14cm (from top lip to tip of the head)

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