Stealth Harness

The new Stealth Harness from Aslan delivers the look and feel of leather in a 100% vegan package.  Stable,  minimalist, and multi-use, wear this harness as a one or two strap!  Remove one strap to create a G-style harness that can also give anal plug support.

With an interchangeable O-ring system, you can use any size dildo; water-resistant plastic snaps secure the O-ring.  The nickel-plated buckles on the hip and D-rings on the butt straps are easily adjustable.

Great for transmen or anyone who likes to have their balls hang free. The minimal design also makes for a comfortable packing harness.

Perfect for long-term wear, this lightweight design folds up easily for discreet travel, but is still sturdy and strong.

Made in Canada

Material: BioSkin and water-resistant, pthalate-free BPA; nickel-plated metal
Size: Fits hips 66-112cm


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Price: 69,90€

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