Slingshot Packing Harness

This soft packing harness from Number One Laboratory is designed to fit the Model A and Model D Sport packers. It can be worn comfortably under boxers or briefs, and is made from a soft, breathable micro weave and thick plush elastic.

A simple design with no waistband, it stays in place with the help of its two elastic thigh straps.

*Although there's no waist strap, size options are based on waist size.*

Washer and dryer safe.

Material: Spandura and elastic

Sizes: S (approx. waist: 70-82cm), M (approx. waist: 82-92cm), L (approx. waist: 92-107cm), XL (approx. waist: 107-122cm)

*Soft packer pictured here not included!

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