DOXY The Don

There’s only one instruction for this toy: plug it in and play!  Doxy's The Don encourages you to be creative in your solo or shared sex life, using the full extent of your imagination to discover the wide variety of ways it can help you experience pleasure.

Aside from the power capabilities, one of the main attractions of The Don is its universal appeal. Unlike most sex toys which are marketed to either men or women, The Don moves beyond such gender-binaries and offers pleasure to people, however you identify and regardless of relationship status. With a forward-thinking design which combines quality, power and versatility, The Don stimulates your body in whichever way works best for you.

Some suggested uses of The Don are as an external massager, for example as an erogenous zone stimulator (nipples, vulva, perineum, penis shaft and frenulum) or a clitoral vibrator. With its smooth, rounded tip, The Don can also be used as an internal vibrator.

Thanks to the easy to hold base, The Don can be used not just to provide vaginal stimulation but also anal pleasure. There is a smooth raised ridge which gives delightful clitoral, labial or perineal stimulation.

Made from the smoothest 100% medical grade silicone, The Don has an extra long 4-meter power cord that is compatible with EU power outlets.

Material: 100% silicone
Size: 19,1 cm (total length) / 5,1 cm (insertable length)

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Price: 94,90€

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