Sometimes She Lets Me: Best Butch/Femme Erotica

Does the swagger of a confident butch make you swoon?  Do your knees go weak when you see a femme straighten her stockings?  In Sometimes She Lets Me, Tristan Taormino chooses her favorite butch/femme stories from the Best Lesbian Erotica series.

From the Introduction by Tristan Taormino:

"Butch/femme is erotic iconography.  Butch/femme is bulging jeans, smeared lipstick, stiletto heels, and sharp haircuts.  It's about being read and being seen.  Sometimes it's about passing or not passing.  It's about individual identity and a collective sense of community.  It's personal, political.  It's sexual electricity and power exchange.  It's the visceral space between the flesh and the imagination."

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