Die Liebenden

"Die Liebenden" (The Lovers) is a sensual sculpture in a classic black and white design, handmade by Dresden's own SelfDelve dildo manufacturer. The black and white symbolize both independence and merging, yin and yang, Shakti and Shiva, light and shadow, association, contrast - it's all there in this simple yet elegant dildo made from the finest quality silicone.

Though a visual stand-out, this toy's functionality is truly it's main feature. Its double head and widening body deliver a rush of sensation as the body gradually takes in the fullness of its shape and texture.  Try twisting the dildo with a gentle movement of the wrist, and feel the full effect of "Die Liebenden"'s smooth ridges.

Comes in a stylish silver metal storage box.

Size: 14cm x 3-4,7cm
Material: 100% silicone

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Price: 59,00€

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