Über Doza Soap

With names like Über Butch, Über Bjorn (Über Bear), Über Sys (Über Sisterhood), and Über Dam (Über Queen), there's something a little queer about these soaps ... or maybe that's just us!

These coldprocessed soaps are handmade with the finest all-natural, organic, totally vegan ingredients.  They smell AMAZING and won't dry out your skin.

Use them to wash your whole body and your sex toys too!

Über Butch: enriched with shea butter, scented with vetiver, cedarwood, and cypress essential oils, textured with birch leaves

Über Bear: enriched with cocoa butter, scented with cinnamon, pine, and orange essential oils, textured with licorice, cardamom, and chicoryroot

Über Sys': enriched with hemp seed oil, scented with litsea, elemi, and patchouli essential oils, textured with daisy flower powder

Über Queen: enriched with olive oil, scented with anise, lavandin, cypress essential oils, textured with olive leaf powder

Über Bi: enriched with apricot kernel, macadamia oils, bitter orange & sweet orange essential oils

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