Knowledge is sexy, and talking nerdy has never been more fun! Our workshops cover many different aspects of sex, sexuality, health, and relationships.  In an effort to create a safe and non-judgmental environment, we ask that all workshop participants respect the opinions, boundaries, and experiences expressed by others.  If you have a great topic for a workshop, feel free to contact us with your ideas.

Directly after workshops, we give participants 10% off in-store purchases! The discount does not apply to books, magazines and commission items.

*Our workshop fees operate on a sliding scale basis.  However, if you would like to attend a workshop for which you can’t afford the fee, a further reduction is often possible.  Just contact us directly by phone or email to make arrangements.

**A quick note on safeR space: it is all of our responsibilities to create a safer space in which we actively engage in consensual and non-discriminatory behaviour.

*** You can pre-register for all workshops with payment of the workshop fee, either in-store, through PayPal or via bank transfer. Email: A full refund is possible if you cancel at least 48 hours in advance.

**** All workshops are subject to a minimum number of pre-registrations. If we have to cancel due to insufficient sign-ups, we will let all registered individuals know 24 hours ahead of the scheduled workshop start time. All fees will be refunded in full.

If you have not pre-registered, please arrive early (at least 15 minutes before the workshop starts).  Please note that spaces are limited.

Upcoming workshops …


Good Vibrations! All about Vibrators

with Kitty May

When it comes to vibrators, the wide range to choose from can sometimes feel overwhelming. But this variety can also inspire curiosity and creativity… Let us give you a guided tour to the wonderful world of vibrating toys!

This info session is part of Other Nature’s new Quickies series.

Where: Other Nature, Mehringdamm 79
When: Tuesday, March 28th, 19:00 – 20:00
Language: English
Cost: 5€
Registration: Please arrive 15 minutes before the start time to register. Pre-registration for Other Nature Quickies is not possible.


Woher weiß ich, was ich will?

mit Joris Kern

Woher weiß ich beim Sex eigentlich, was ich will? Muss ich überhaupt etwas wollen? Muss ich das wissen? Und wenn ja: Kommuniziere ich das? Und wie? Gibt es einen Willen zum Wollen?

Wir werden uns mit verschiedenen Ebenen von Wollen beschäftigen und mit Wegen, mehr über unser Wollen herauszufinden. Was braucht unser persönliches Wollen, unsere Lust und Begehren, um sich zu zeigen? Statt dem Dogma „Du musst wissen was du willst“ machen wir einen Raum auf, in dem Unsicherheit, Schüchternheit und Experimentieren genauso willkommen ist wie drängende Wünsche und lang gehegte Phantasien.

Wo: Other Nature, Mehringdamm 79
Dienstag, 4. April 18:30 – 20:30
Der Workshop wird auf Deutsch geleitet aber Beteiligung in  Englisch ist wilkommen
15€ (13€ ermaßigt)
Um einen Platz im Voraus zu reservieren komm einfach in unseren Laden um dich eintragen zu lassen und die Kursgebühr zu bezahlen oder du sendest uns eine Email mit deiner Anmeldung und wir schicken dir dann umgehen unsere PayPal/Bankdaten damit du den Betrag überweisen kannst:


Embracing Jealousy

with Inna Barinberg

Jealousy is a mystery. We don’t often talk about it; even less often do we try to decode this complex structure, and take it down from its forbidding throne. Most advice books characterize jealousy as a negative and evil “emotion“. As a result, most people feel bad and that they are failing.

Not in this workshop.

By deciphering what is behind jealousy, we can encounter and approach our fears and anxieties. Instead of feeling angry that we still experience jealousy, we can accept it as a part of ourselves and treat it accordingly.

We will look at the positive aspects of jealousy, as well as addressing the parts that we want to find ways of dealing with. Through different methods, including individual and group work, you will have the opportunity to get to know different aspects of your jealousy, exchange with others (of course, only as much as you want and feel good about) and, by learning what lies behind jealousy, develop tools for managing it.

Inna Barinberg hat jahrelange Erfahrung mit queeren und geöffneten Beziehungen, seit einiger Zeit schreibt sie nicht nur Beiträge zu dem Thema, sondern gibt auch Workshops. Sie legt besonders viel Wert auf einen bestärkenden und unterstützenden Ansatz.

Where: Other Nature, Mehringdamm 79
When: Tuesday, April 11th, 18:30 – 21:00
Language: facilitation will be in German; participation in English is welcome
Cost: 20€ (15€ limited income)
Registration: to reserve a place in advance, simply come into the shop with the workshop fee, or email us to arrange payment via PayPal or bank transfer:
Pre-registration is recommended, as space is limited. If you haven’t registered, please arrive 15 minutes before the workshop start time.