Double Tango

We’re not really a double dildo kind of couple, but we thought we’d give the Double Tango a try. We liked the kidney-shape at the back, which – as it turned out – is actually pleasurable!  But although it gives the wearer a great feeling of fullness, without a harness or incredibly strong kegel muscles, it tends to slip out. With a harness it stayed in place and was comfortable to wear. The penetration was steady and hitting the right spots. It felt like it had a purpose and wasn´t just messing around in the vag. Much better than the Nexus by Vixen, which we found to penetrate at a wrong angle, no matter how many different positions we were in. The textured part of the dildo that sits on the wearers clit is awesome, particularly when the vibration is on, but you really need a well-fitted harness to keep it in place. And if either of you is the kind of person who is sensitive to loud vibration, we suggest putting some backround music on. In our opinion, the shaft could be a bit longer, but all in all, we’re convinced: this dildo won’t have to wait long before making another appearance!

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